Zion, age 17 1/2, loves animals and has a special affection and passion for pets. She also enjoys writing and can be outgoing and energetic when involved in an activity she likes. She would enjoy doing activities with her parents and have fun with animal-focused activities.

A two-parent home will be best for Zion. She would especially enjoy a family with a stay at-home parent who can be there when she gets home from school. Zion wants to be an only child. Zion does have an adult sibling with whom she needs to maintain a relationship.

Zion would like a family who can be both strict (when needed) as well as fun and affectionate. She would like her family to hold her accountable without yelling and to be present and active with her in her therapy and treatment. A potential adoptive family should have patience and understanding, realizing that Zion may be angry sometimes because she is dealing with fear as a survivor of past trauma.

Zion’s DHS adoption worker will consider families from Iowa and other states, as long as the family is within driving distance to the middle part of eastern Iowa. They will need to be involved in a transition requiring time and travel. It will be important they spend time in person with Zion and participate in her treatment.

Adults in Zion’s life praise her highly, stating  “she will need someone with a lot of patience to help her, but she will be worth every ounce of effort when she is able to feel secure enough to work through issues. She is a brave young lady who may get easily discouraged, but eventually perseveres.”

Zion wants people to know  she needs “patience, love and structure” and  she “wants a family to be there for her.”

Could you be the family to offer Zion the loving, understanding home she has been waiting for?

Photos by HeartScapes Photos