In the air.

That’s where you might find Xander on a warm, sunny day. That’s because he loves jumping and flipping on the trampoline. He enjoys being outdoors, surrounded by nature, whether that’s in the backyard or on a long walk.

 But like most 14-year-old boys, he wouldn’t say “no” to a good movie night or video games with siblings or parents, either. He also enjoys attending church.

 You’ll catch on pretty quickly to Xander’s sense of humor and penchant for telling jokes. He likes to make people laugh.

 Xander is an affectionate, self-aware young man who is looking forward to building a trusting, loving relationship with his forever family. Families from all states will be considered for Xander and they must be willing to help him maintain the positive relationships he’s built here in Iowa with the special people in his life. Parents must be patient and understand it will take time to create connections. The right family will also be upbeat and positive, ready to encourage and celebrate successes and progress.

Xander is proud of his achievements and growth, and he is motivated and positive about the future.

“I just want a family who will accept me,” Xander says.