Xander, age 13, may be shy at first, but his affectionate, funny personality really comes to life when he is comfortable around people he can trust. He enjoys playing outdoors, especially when he can jump on a trampoline. But he loves indoor activities—like playing with Legos—and he wants a family who will play video games and go to church with him. A successful home for Xander would include two parents, and he would like to be the oldest child in his home. Prospective parents should understand Xander has experienced trauma in the past, and he needs a family who can help him take a break when things become overwhelming. Xander has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) at school, and he benefits from a small classroom size. Xander would also love to have a family who will spend time reading with him, and encouraging him when a challenge comes up. Families from all states will be considered for Xander. Potential parents must be patient, caring, and capable of providing a structured environment. Xander’s one wish is to find a home where he is accepted and loved. Help us tell Xander that his wish has come true.