Tyler is a smart, friendly and energetic child. He loves horses, video games and board games, especially Monopoly. Tyler excels at academics, and he is especially bright at puzzles and games requiring good problem solving skills. Tyler is unable to play sports requiring physical contact due to a health condition, but he enjoys many other activities.

Tyler would thrive best in a home with two parents where he is the youngest child in the home. His preference is to be placed in a home where the family practices the Christian faith, within the Presbyterian denomination if possible.

A family who enjoys being outdoors, going camping, playing games or simply spending quality time together at home with a movie and popcorn would be a great fit for Tyler! His adoptive parents will need to be understanding and patient as he learns how to become part of a healthy family. Relationships are important to Tyler; his biggest wish is for his adoptive family to allow him to keep connections to his biological family, especially his grandmother and adult siblings.

Tyler’s DHS adoption worker will consider families who reside within easy driving distance of Western Iowa, as they will need to be involved in a transition requiring time and travel.

Can you be the loving forever family Tyler deserves?