Your Support Team

You don’t have to do this alone!

Children in the foster care system have lots of people on their team—social workers, therapists, in-home workers and others. Your Case Worker is on your team, here to support you as a foster parent.

Once you finish your training classes, you’ll be assigned a Case Worker who will help support you and your family so you can be successful.

Your Case Worker can visit you at home, help with behaviors, respond to crisis calls, offer guidance in working with birth families, be an advocate for your child’s school or treatment needs, help you find respite, and more.

Support is flexible and will look different for each family. You can contact your Case Worker anytime, to share in a parenting success story or for a listening ear on a rough day.

Ask for a mentor

Our mentor program can match you with a seasoned foster family who can answer questions, give advice and support you as you move through the process of becoming a foster or adoptive parent.

Adoption support

For those who adopt from foster care, we also offer Adoption Case Workers.